Adapt812DXLT 128k c 2000 vs 512k c 2006

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Adapt812DXLT 128k c 2000 vs 512k c 2006

Postby dm1graham » Tue Sep 14, 2010 8:06 pm

This past April I ordered a few 512k Flash Adapt812DXLT's, but when I finally got around to using them I discovered I could not load the paged S19 file compiled by my Forth Inc SwiftX compiler, or at least it didn't work. The same s19 file loads and works fine on older (c 2000) board with 128K Flash. I had written my own bootloader 8 years ago, since yours was not compatible with my Forth code, and still isn't (I believe I supplied you with a copy then). Can you point to where I should be looking in my code, or bootloader so it will work with your newer board? Or tell me what changes I have to make to the newer board to revert back to 128k? I see the 128/512 JB2 jumper, but would I need any changes to the JB3 and JB4 jumpers?
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Re: Adapt812DXLT 128k c 2000 vs 512k c 2006

Postby cbarnes » Fri Sep 17, 2010 3:27 pm

If you compare our mx1dem.asm and mx1dem5.asm examples in the Support Library, you'll note the ORG statement for the vector table is different: ... DXLT/Code/
That's probably where the problem lies. I suggest having a look at those two files, and also the App Note here: ... anded.html

By the way, JB2 can be ignored, because it is for the (optional) RAM chips (128K/512K) which are not populated on your board. There are no jumpers to change when switching between 128K and 512K flash devices-- only firmware changes are required. If you don't want to mess with code or bootloaders, the easiest way to get things working again would be to swap out the 512K flash chips for the 128K version (AM29F010B-55JC)

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