uBug12 (Java Edition)

uBug12 is a free multi-platform GUI for working with Freescale S12 and S12X MCUs without the need for a BDM pod. It was ported from VB to Java and subsequently enhanced by David Armstrong, and is actively being developed and improved upon. To use it, your target MCU must be pre-loaded with the appropriate version of the Freescale Serial Monitor outlined in AN2548. Most boards sold by Technological Arts already have a version of this monitor pre-loaded. If you wish to load it into your own hardware, you'll need to use a BDM pod (such as the Technological Arts USBDMLT). For this purpose, MCU-specific images of the serial monitor are available for several 9S12 and 9S12X variants from the Support Library, at http://support.technologicalarts.ca/docs/uBug12/.

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